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Our Favourite moments from the Bee movie

Everyone loves the bee movie! This is why today we decided to rank our top 5 favourite moments from the bee movie! this is in cronological order of events and our top 5 favourite parts of it

  1. The start
  2. Everyone loves the start of the bee movie! the narreration about bees brings in a feeling of joy to everyones hearts

  3. The honey factory tour
  4. according to all known laws of movie making, this part is amazing! to see the honey factory in its entiriety

  5. uhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. yeah its been a while since i last watched the bee movie. ive kind've forgotten the rest

  7. the end
  8. bee movie wasnt that good, was it?

  9. The start
  10. nope nevermind it was very good, just please dont shoot. ive got a family to feed